5 crucial email list segment tactics you should use for eCommerce loyalty

Email list marketing is the gold standard of eCommerce. For every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average ROI of $38! That’s absolutely more than the ROI on any other channel possible.

List segmentation is a deep subject, and it might be intimidating to start out with. Here are five easy segments you should implement immediately to build your list and turn them into repeat customers.

First-time customers

These customers have made one, and only one order in the past 30 days. This is an extremely important time period, as converting one-time buyers to repeat customers is the key to building your business. New leads are 6-7x harder to sell to than past customers, so you’ve already made it past your biggest hurdle by getting them to purchase an item in the first place. Don’t waste it!

Suggested course of action: Follow-up. Use every opportunity you can to follow up with your new customer and create a relationship, from polished customer service in the shipping/handling interactions to offering opportunities for reviews and feedback. Positive reviews can lead customers to develop an attachment to your brand, and potentially purchase more products. Another way to convert first-timers is to offer related products. Maybe there is an accessory you can upsell with the product they just bought?

Recent customers

These customers have made more than one purchase, one of which happened to be in the past 30 days. They tried your product, liked it, and came back to you when they needed another product. You’ve already built some loyalty with them, so stay fresh in their minds and make sure the competition doesn’t steal them away!

Suggested course of action: Branded marketing. Make sure you’re not forgotten by staying present in their feeds, inboxes, and timelines.

Repeat customers

These customers have made two or more purchases. There may be some overlap with recent customers here. These customers have demonstrated consistent loyalty to you, and you need to keep them engaged with your brand or risk being forgotten.

Suggested course of action: Rewards. These customers are your bread and butter. Do whatever you need to keep them happy and engaged (probably more of what you have been doing), and pay attention if they ask for things!

Lapsed customers

These customers have not purchased any products from you in the past 120 days. Perhaps they only signed on for a discount, or they ended up choosing a competitor next time they needed a product from your industry.

Suggested course of action:
Research and recover. Find out why they stopped buying from you, whether it be incentivized surveys to see why they stopped buying, or outreach via email or phone to see what made them unhappy. Offer discounts (if you can afford it) to bring them back into the repeat customer segment.

Never purchased

These customers have never purchased from you, but may have been referred to an email list or just interested in your brand. Why did they sign up for your list? Why aren’t they buying? Maybe they are waiting for a discount, or maybe they just enjoy the brand.

Suggested course of action: Automation. A branded welcome-to-the-list a few hours after can do wonders to establish a brand in a lead’s mind. Do a little research to find the average time to convert after a prospect signs up, and set up an automated “drip” campaign that pushes gentle offers to reduce buyer risk – such as free shipping/returns, small discounts, or a free item.