8 branding strategies to use on Pinterest

Pinterest has matured into the most effective tool for sharing and curating visual content. Pinterest has an impressive audience of over 100 million people worldwide, and over 93% of those members have shopped online in the past 6 months. Pinners are also twice as likely to make an online purchase on Shopify as someone referred from Facebook.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to solely focus on promoting their own brand and services. Not only does this look spammy, it requires a large degree of content creation, which is resource intensive and expensive.

Here are 8 alternative strategies for Pinterest content and curation that we’ve seen work wonders for businesses rather than pure self-promotion. Many don’t involve any content creation at all, so they are easy to implement quickly.


Pinboards are an amazing place to compile research, and have the added bonus of being highly collaborative. With Shared Boards, you can collaborate with team members or clients to create a shared resource to reference as you develop branding and marketing strategy. Keep your research public and you offer a behind-the-scenes peek at what your business does, which helps attract the kind of clients you enjoy working with.

Mood Boards
Let’s start with the original intention of Pinterest: a mood board generator. If you are working on anything image based whatsoever such as a lifestyle, fashion, hospitality, creative, food, beauty, eCommerce, or health business, unique imagery is a key component in seducing your customers.

Chelley Co. is a creative agency and shop based out of Miami, Florida. They put together moodboards regularly based on some of their key themes and interests, such as this board based around Florida lifestyle


Competitive Analysis
Pinterest is a great tool for conducting competitive analysis. You can gather images, branding materials, and visual examples from your competitors into a board and look at them all at a glance easily to discover trends and gaps you can address with your own business.

Sarah Kate Studios is a stylist and antiquarian shop located in Oklahoma City. They use boards to compile inspiration and take a look at other examples of creative retail design to gather ideas for their own shop.


Content Gathering
Perhaps you are planning to write a roundup post or listicle with best practice examples. If you make a Pinboard beforehand you can gather all of these in one place for future reference.

Apartment Therapy is a powerhouse online magazine of interior design tips for renters. They often curate and create pinboards full of visual reference for both their editorial staff and their reader/viewership.



Pinterest is a website driven primarily by aspiration. We all sign on to browse and design our own dream lives, however far they may be from reality. To resonate with your audience, speak to their dreams and hopes and provide them with a look at what life could be like.

A great quote is simple and beautiful. They move us to action and inspire a different way of thinking. Quotes remind us to step back and reflect on our life rather than get swept up in the minutiae.

TOMS is one of the new breed of aspirational companies that promises to supply a person in need for every purchase made. They curate an inspirational quotes board called “Who we are” to define and describe what they aim for the company to be.


Maybe you want to gather the best examples of a particular niche or concept to explore what can be done.

Packaging of the World is a curation-driven site that does exactly what their title promises. They are entirely based on showcasing creative examples and best-of lists. Here’s an extremely niche board based around packaging with patterns.



Last but not least, education is arguably the most powerful form of content. Empower your audience by showing them how you do what you do. They will trust you more than ever as you set yourself up to be their de facto subject matter expert.

Great infographics tell a story rather than spitting out a bunch of numbers. Infographics work best when showing a step-by-step process or detailing how a system works.

This wine infographic from Wine Folly is popular because of its usefulness. They address a key problem with their target audience: how to avoid bad tasting wine.


Bite size tips are perfect fodder for Pinterest, and spread like wildfire. People are always searching for tricks, hacks, and shortcuts to do things faster, easier, cheaper, quicker, and more effectively.

Who What Wear is an online fashion blog that covers trends and celebrity fashions. They curate a board of fashion tips for their readers and viewers to dress and feel their best.


Tutorials & Guides
Tutorials are some of the most sought-after pieces of content on the internet. People are always looking for ways to teach themselves how to do things.

Shape Magazine often posts visual recipes for healthy eating on their boards. This recipe works perfectly for Pinterest, as recipes are one of the most searched items on the entire site.



Hopefully this guide has helped you come up with some ideas on how to create useful and meaningful content for your business. Post a link to your profile in the comments and we will take a look and provide feedback!

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