4 fantastic Shopify Apps for fashion merchandise 

You’ve heard about how Shopify is a great platform for fashion startups to start selling their wares. One of the best reasons Shopify is a great choice for your business is the robust and growing community of Apps. Here are a few of our favorite Shopify Apps for ready-to-wear fashion and apparel businesses.

You worked hard on your fashion line and brand, but a bad product page can break a sale. Check out some of these apps that make your product pages look better than ever.

Shopify Wishlist ($10/mo+)


A wishlist serves two important purposes: a customer can curate their own list and save it for later, and a customer can send a list to their friends/family and get even more exposure for your fashion store. A wishlist can also provide you with data about what your customers are interested in but may not be compelled to buy immediately. The Shopify Wishlist app has a simple and intuitive interface and a premium version that offers Registry support and downloadable reports.

Dressy – Online dressing rooms (Free+)


Dressy aims to solve a persistent problem for online fashion retailers: an increased amount of returns due to poor fitting. Dressy has an advanced “virtual fitting room” that customers can use to add their own photos to see what a particular product would look like on their own bodies. Customers can add a photo, add in their measurements, or enter in their favorite fitting brands to create a personalized size recommendation.

Lookylook – Online lookbooks ($29/mo+)


Lookylook is an app that provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating lookbooks on your fashion website. You can link to products that are featured in your photographs and customers can add to cart directly from your lookbooks.

Printful – Print on anything! (priced per product)


Printful is a service that provides on-demand printing, fulfillment, and shipping. Customers can order a design through your website and Printful will take care of the rest. Printful can provide printing on: t-shirts, all-over/sublimation shirts, posters, framed posters, canvas, mugs, pillows, totes, embroidery, and leggings. They even provide templates for you to mockup your designs so you can showcase them on your product pages.

Are there any other fashion apps you’ve used on Shopify you’d like to recommend?